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What is Micro Course?

A micro course is a short, focused training program that teaches specific skills or knowledge in a particular subject area. In this case, the micro course is designed to help students obtain a diploma certificate by breaking down the program into separate modules that can be completed part-time. After completing all the required modules, students can undertake a three-month internship to earn their certificate.


We offer industry-focused training, job placement, and aged care solutions to meet your needs. Prepare for a rewarding career with our comprehensive services.

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Prof . Diploma In Caregiver Industry

Our courses range from professional diplomas in postnatal care therapy and elderly care management to short-term courses in CPR and postnatal massage. Learn new skills and advance your career with us.

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Parenting Course

"Studying parenting course from pregnancy to after delivery can provide the skills and knowledge to confidently raise and nurture healthy children."

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Job Placement

Assist students to secure employment with our platform, providing promotion and support for easy job attainment.

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