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The Most Worthwhile Postpartum Confinement Course For Parents

Specially designed to help Parents on their Postnatal Confinement during this Pandemic

Come learn with us the Postpartum essentials that can help your body's recovery, and together with your husband, learn the ways to care for your newborn.


  • Can't find a confinement lady? Ever consider doing it with your husband? With us, you will rock your confinement from A-Z!

  • Your mother/ mother-in-laws is helping you? Come join the class together! With common understandings, both you and your mother/mother-in-laws will have a happy confinement period together!

  • Already booked a confinement lady? You may not know the quality & qualification of your confinement lady. Safeguard yourself with proper postpartum knowledge! 

What You'll Learn

Day 1 - Mother's Postpartum Care

  • Postpartum Care Essentials

  • After Birth Bleeding Examination (lochia)

  • How to prevent Puerperal Metrorrhagia

  • Ways to a Complete Involution of the Uterus  IMPORTANT !

  • Postpartum Rehabilitation Exercise - Abdominal muscle and pelvic recovery

  • Diet and Traditional Chinese Medicine for Postpartum

Day 2- Baby Feeding

  • How to Successfully Start Breastfeeding on the First Day  Exclusive ! 

  • Breastfeeding Postures and Techniques - Breastfeeding with ease no longer a dream!

  • Increase, Decrease and Maintain the Amount of Breast Milk

  • How to Effectively Prevent Painful “Rock Hard” Breast (Severe Engorgement)

  • Breast Massage - Husband can happily help^^

  • Important Steps for Bottle-Feed (for mother in need)

  • How Should you Deal with Pacifiers

Day 3 - Newborn's Care 

  • Newborn’s Care Essentials

  • Correct & Effective Ways to Get Rid of Jaundice – Say bye to dangerous folk remedies

  • Newborn Bathing Safety Techniques

  • Umbilical Cord Care

  • Newborn Health Examination

  • Methods & Benefits of Touching on Newborn's Development Exclusive!

  • Safe & effective ways to return your body to its pre-pregnant state

What you will get from this course

Happy & Healthy Postpartum Period!

  • Improve your body’s constitution – healthier & stunner than pre-pregnant state!

  • Easy breast feeding journey, enjoy bonding time with your newborn

  • All practical knowledge you need to know for taking care of your newborns

Outcome For You
Outcome For You


TCM Physician Madam Tan Yunn Jin

  • 7 Years  Experience as Postpartum Care Instructors

  • 10 Years Clinical Experience as a TCM Practitioner, in Gynaecology and Pediatrics

  • Developed and Curated Various Professional Postpartum Care Certificate Program

  • Trained and Certified more than 400 confinement ladies

  • Featured and interviewed in TV Programs

  • Founder of Caredemy Postpartum Training Centre

  • Certified Postpartum Care Instructor, by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran Malaysia

  • Bureau Head for Postpartum Care Division - Malaysian Professional Skills Development Education Association

  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor - International Massage Infant Association

  • Member of Malaysian Chinese Medicine Association

 Qualification & Positions

Fun & Easy to Learn!

Comprehensive yet Concise Format

Get 360-degree understanding with clear and understandable content layout. 

Easy Understanding via Illustrations

Learn postpartum knowledge and techniques through various fun illustrations & graphics.

 Info Sharing & FAQ Time

Casual information exchange session & FAQ session after class. 

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1 Price Whole Family

Class Schedule

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Sat - Mon

6 - 8 June 2020


6th & 7th : 2:00pm - 4:30pm

8th : 8pm - 10:30pm

Sat - Mon

13 - 15 June 2020


13th & 14th : 2:00pm - 4:30pm

15th : 8pm - 10:30pm

Fri - Sun

26 - 28 June 2020


26th : 8pm - 10:30pm

27th & 28th : 2:00pm - 4:30pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the location?

It is an online class conducted via Zoom/Google Meet. Link and Meeting ID will be shared prior to the class.

How do I setup and use Zoom/Google Meet?

Zoom and Google Meet on laptop, do not require setup, just click on the link provided and it will lead you to the online classroom. However, if you wish to attend the class via your mobile phone, the you will need to download the Zooom/Google Meet App beforehand. We will provide step-by-step instructions prior to the online class.

Who should attend this course?

•Pregnant parents who want to learn the correct way of Postpartum Care •Pregnant parents who cannot get a confinement lady due to the pandemic and may have to do it themselves • Mother/mother-in-laws who will help in their daughther/ daughther-in-law's postpartum confinement •Even pregnant parents who already hired a Confinement Lady, for extra safeguards (Quality of confinement lady is not standardised.)

What do I need to prepare for the course?

•A stable WIFI connection •A phone or a computer •A pen/pencil •A notebook for jotting down points or questions •A glass of water or two ^^

What if I miss the class half-way due to internet connection problems?

No worries, you can still attend our class on a different date. We have three classes this June. Just let us know!

What if i can only attend 1 or 2 days of the class?

No worries, you can still attend our class on a different date. We have three classes this June. Just let us know!

Can my husband or mother/mother-in-laws join me for the class?

Yes! More than welcome!

Do we get rest in between the class?

Yes, we will have small 5 minutes breaks in between for you to catch a breath!

What if I do not understand certain points/ have any questions after the class?

•No worries, we will have Q&A time after each session. •You can also send in your questions at the end of the class, we will answer each question afterwards.

Is it really just SGD 99? Any hidden fee?

Only SGD100, strictly no other charges! And not going to sell you any products!

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Renovated Building

Caredemy Training Centre

Caredemy Training Centre is an academy specialized in training and certification of confinement lady. Our course combines scientific principles and the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, contributing to safe and effective postpartum practices. We aim to foster best practice in the market and improve the service quality of postpartum care for both confinement lady’s and family’s safety and happiness. 

We collaborate with Universities and Government Agency in our certification program. More than 400 confinement ladies graduated from our training programs since 2016.


222, Jalan Ampang, Kampung Datuk Keramat, 50450, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sat - Mon

6 - 8 June 2020


6th & 7th : 2:00pm - 4:30pm

8th : 8pm - 10:30pm

Sat - Mon

13 - 15 June 2020


13th & 14th : 2:00pm - 4:30pm

15th : 8pm - 10:30pm

Fri - Sun

26 - 28 June 2020


26th : 8pm - 10:30pm

27th & 28th : 2:00pm - 4:30pm

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