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每一位新生宝宝,都是爱的结晶,我们都呵护备至,在妈妈育儿的过程确有许多艰辛的故事,每位妈妈在孩子眼里都是最完美的也是最伟 大的,故中心取名为Mom Care。

一个孩子的诞生是一个生命的延续,女人产后的调理最为重要,只有懂得爱自己的女人才有能力爱他人。本中心的创办人都是医护人员, 而且是专注坐月方面的培训,产前护理开始,我们有产前呼吸运动, 教妈妈如何放松自己,产前按摩让妈妈容易顺产,产后育婴知识让妈 妈享受为人母的过程。

在Mum Care,我们提倡绿色环保,因为我们都希望给孩子更好的环境,因此中心所用的洗衣用品甚至是洗碗液都是环保的。

Every newborn baby is the product of love that we all care for. There  are many difficult stories in the process of mother parenting. In the eye  of every child, every mother is thee greatest and perfect soul, therefore we  named our center as MumCare@Temasek.

The birth of a child is a continuation of life. A woman's condition after childbirth is especially important. Only a woman who knows how to love  herself has the ability to love others. The founders of the center comprised of both qualified doctor and hospitality experts that can  provide confinement training. The prenatal care begins with prenatal  breathing exercises, teaching our mother the relaxation techniques, prenatal massage that eases the delivery process, and postpartum baby knowledge. All  these are to allow mothers to enjoy the process of motherhood.

At MumCare@Temasek, we use environmental friendly products that can bring health benefits to you and your loved ones.


Our Leader

  • 10 years clinical experience in Gyaecology and Pediatrics

  • Certified international baby massage trainer

  • Certified trainer of the Indonesian University Negeri Padang

  • Lecturer and bureau head of the Confinement Course by the Malaysia Professional Skill Development Association (MASDEA)

  • Curated Professional Confinement Course in Malaysia, in collaboration with Kuala Lumpur Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute

  • Trained more than 300 confinement nannies

  • Operation and setup consultant for several confinement centres

  • Finalist of 2018 Top 100 Biz Race

  • Currently providing service as a TCM physician specialized in women health and infant care at Tang Herbal Clinic

  • Featured and interviewed in:

    • Astro program "Women's Good Health" in Feb 2016

    • Astro program " Health 123" in April 2017

    • Astro program " People's Doctor" in June 2019

    • TV2 program " Frontline Window " in September 2019

    • The Edge Media in 2018

TCM Physician

Mdm Tan Yunn Jin

Mdm Tan graduated from Hei Long Jiang University ( 2011) as a Traditional Chinese Practitioner majoring in Internal medicine and O&G treatment. She has 8 years’ experience as a TCM practitioner in Chong Hwa Charity Clinic and FuRu Medical Clinic.