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Caredemy is an education centre specialised in Postnatal Care, founded by Master Tan Yunn Jin, a TCM practitioner in Gynaecology and Pediatrics, who has 10 years experience in the postnatal care industry. ​Established in 2016 initially to conduct Antenatal Workshops and provide postnatal care services to parents. Since then, it has grown in terms of specialisation to train quality caregivers.​Today, Caredemy offers a number of courses, certifications and training sessions encompassing caregiving in the form of Postpartum Care, Elderly Care, Babysitting and much more to dedicated individuals interested in pursuing a stable and respectable career in the field of caregiving.

Caredemy是一家专注于产后护理的教育中心,由拥有10年产后护理行业经验的妇科和儿科中医师陈韵嘉创立。​成立于2016年,最初是为了举办产前工作坊并为父母提供产后护理服务。从那时起,她在培训优质护理人员方面的专业化程度不断提高。​今天,Caredemy 提供了许多课程、认证和培训课程,包括以产后护理、老年人护理、保姆等形式为有兴趣的专职人士提供护理服务在护理领域追求稳定和受人尊敬的职业。

Founder 创办人

TCM Physician Master Tan Yunn Jin
Master Jin graduated from Hei Long Jiang University as a Traditional Chinese Practitioner majoring in Internal medicine and O&G treatment. She has 10 years clinical experience as a TCM practitioner, in Gyaecology and Pediatrics. Her profile includes:​

中医师陈韵嘉,毕业于黑龙江大学内科及妇产科专业。她在妇科和儿科拥有 10 年的中医从业经验。她的个人资料包括:​

  • Certified Postpartum Care Instructor, by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran 认证的产后护理讲师
  • Bureau head of Postpartum Care Division - the Malaysia Professional Skill Development Association马来西亚专业技能发展协会产后护理部主任
  • 10 Years of Experience as Postpartum Care Instructors 10年产后护理导师经验
  • International Massage Infant Association Instructor 国际按摩婴儿协会教练
  • Developed and Curated Professional Confinement Course in Malaysia, in collaboration with Kuala Lumpur Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute 吉隆坡中医药学院合作,在马来西亚开发和策划专业坐月子课程
  • Trained more than 300 confinement nannies 培训300多名月嫂
  • Consulted several confinement centers on their setup & operations 设置和运营咨询了几个月子中心
  • Finalist of 2018 Top 100 Biz Race 2018 年 100 强商业竞赛的决赛选手
  • Featured and interviewed in: 精选并接受采访:
  • Astro TV program "Women's Good Health" in Feb 2016 2016年2月Astro电视节目《女性健康》
  • Astro TV program " Health 123" in Apr 2017 2017年4月Astro电视节目《健康123》
  • The Edge Media in 2018 2018年《The Edge》英文媒体
  • Astro TV program " People's Doctor" in June 2019 2019年6月Astro电视节目《民医》
  • TV2 program " Frontline Window " in Sep 2019 2019年9月TV2节目《前线视窗》
  • 2020 Become a Lincoln University Appointed Postnatal Care Industry Trainer 2020 成为林肯大学委任产后护理行业培训师​

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